Quality made in Germany: Highest production standards

Many things have changed in the nearly 100 years that we have been in business. But we will always stay true to three essential things – innovation, reliability and quality. After all, as a manufacturer of products that primarily hold medicine, medical devices and cosmetics, we have a dual responsibility – towards our partners and customers, but also towards consumers.

Quality: five different certifications

Our many different certificates show our partners and customers that they can rely on us completely when it comes to the quality and purity of their metering and dropper systems. As a leader in innovation, we are constantly working on solutions that go beyond even our own standards.

Production: glass pipettes

Glass pipettes

  • Production using state-of-the-art facilities in multiple shifts
  • In-house production of forming rollers on a CNC machine
  • Quality assurance through in-process inspection (up to five times) and a closely timed and documented quality control process according to DIN-ISO 13485
  • Equipment for precision graduation
Final inspection

Final inspection

HEIM is the first manufacturer to use automated video inspection technology in glass pipette production.

Production: cleaning

Pipette washing machine

Only HEIM utilises a special cleaning process (up to nine stages) to wash all glass pipettes. Our products can be picked and packed without pre-treatment.

Production: plastic pipettes

Plastic closures, pipettes and components

  • 24/7 production using high-tech injection moulding machines
  • Quality assurance by standardised control during line start-up and regular in-process inspections
Clean room assembly

Clean room assembly

  • Fully automated assembly: Largest capacities in all of Europe
  • Clean room class 10.000 according to DIN ISO 14644
  • Electronic and manual final inspection of every single product
Clean room picking and packing

Clean room picking and packing

Our primary packaging not only arrives well protected at your destination. Even the covering box is designed to meet the needs of our customers and partners. This also applies to quantities: For example, we pack our products individually or in small batches in foil bags or sterilisable bags.