Functional and visually appealing threaded hole closures complete the pipette assembly. In addition to the variants shown here, we offer our customers and partners the possibility of developing customised solutions tailored to their specific needs and product.

Pharmaceuticals: Practical, hygienic, economical

Our threaded hole closures are known for their superior reliability. Thanks to our state-of-the-art production technologies and efficiency in finishing, they satisfy the market demand to offer liquid preparations cost effectively, yet with outstanding metering systems of the highest quality.


Threaded hole closures can be produced in pure white and in all RAL colours.
Special colours are also possible.

Aluminium threaded hole closure

A material alternative to plastic. Possible on request.

Tamper-evident threaded hole closures

Equipped with an additional ring that visibly breaks off the first time it is opened and remains below the transfer ring at the neck of the bottle. The user knows that it has never been opened before when it is intact.

One-piece design

Two-piece design


Threaded hole closures and rings can be produced in all desired colours and combined with each other. Tamper-evident threaded hole closures can be designed with a bulb colour to match your product.

NEW! GL 18 child-resistant pipette assembly with tamper-evident function

The child-resistant closure combination includes an outer cap and an inner hole screw closure with a tamper-evident ring. Both components can be produced in all desired colours and combined with each other. The closure can only be unscrewed by simultaneously pressing down and turning. The user knows that it has never been opened before when it is intact.

  • Available in all colour combinations
  • Material: PP, PE

Cosmetics: Exclusive aesthetics

With cosmetics and care products you can use the design of the pipette assembly to underscore the brand image and create a great incentive to buy the product. Our many years of experience enable us to offer our customers and partners the greatest possible design freedom. Get in touch with us to find out more. Also to learn about innovative touch & feel solutions and exclusive finishing options.

Sizes and options

Standardised with regard to the combination of pipette assembly components and closures.

  • Material: PP or duroplastic
  • Special materials possible
  • Surface structure: Smooth, grooved or customised


Plastic is a material with nearly unlimited design possibilities. We offer our customers and partners the full spectrum of finishing options.

  • Duroplastic: black and white (standard); colour possible on request
  • PP: transparent, all RAL colours, special colours, special-effect and luminous colours
  • Glossy metallised gold, silver, bronze and copper; with or without protective coating
  • Gold, silver, bronze and copper with a matt finish
  • Coloured matt finish