Brushes are used to precisely apply a viscous preparation to a designated, very specific part of the body or to an object. The liquid cannot drip on its own; to be applied, it must first come into contact with skin or a surface.

  • Shaft:

    PE or PP

  • Lengths without tips:

    35 to 70 mm

  • Tips:

    Nylon, white or black

Brushes, sizes and colours


Spatulas are used for metering extremely viscous or semi-solid preparations and for precise application to the designated area.

  • Shaft:

    PE or PP

  • Lengths:

    35 to 70 mm in 5 mm increments

Spatula sizes
Child-resistant spatula assembly

An innovation that has created quite a stir at the chemist’s shop

Child-resistant spatula assembly for an anti-wart tincture
Blow-moulded bottle with filling insert and child-resistant closure – so that nothing can happen if the preparation accidentally gets into a child’s hands.
Meets the safety standard DIN EN ISO 8317.