PET bottles

Polyethylene terephthalate (PET) has nearly limitless possibilities in terms of design options.

  • Capaciy:

    From 15 ml; smaller sizes possible on request

  • Colours:

    Huge colour selection; customised colours possible on request

  • Finishing options:

    Customised solutions to meet your needs

Glass polymer bottles

Glass polymer is a high-quality plastic that looks – and feels – like glass. Bottles made of this material are transparent, sparkle like diamonds and have a high bottom and wall thickness, which makes them look very valuable. The design possibilities are extremely varied.

  • Capacity:

    15 to 200 ml

  • Colours:

    Transparent or customised

  • Finishing options:

    Coating, hot foil stamping, screen printing, metallised;
    other options on request