There are special purity requirements in the final production of liquid preparations. As a manufacturer, you need pipette assemblies that meet the highest hygiene and purity standards – especially when they feed directly into your manufacturing process. We offer our customers and partners a large selection of packaging options to satisfy these needs.

HEIM production: Stericlin® packaging

Individual packaging

PE foil packaging

Especially for pipette assemblies that accompany a preparation, regardless of the liquid to be metered, or that are supplied to laboratories or medical personnel as a metering instrument.
Also possible as Stericlin® foil packaging.

Individual packaging: PE foil packaging

Blister packaging

Protects against impurities and breakage.

Individual packaging: Blister


Absolutely secure and reusable all-round protection – transparent or coloured.

Individual packaging: Sleve
Individual packaging: Sleve

Bundle packaging

Small bundle

Ideal for resale of small quantities. Size units customised to meet your needs, e.g. 10 or 50 pcs.

  • PE foil bag, welded, or in zip lock bag
  • Also possible as Stericlin® foil packaging
Small bundle

Standard PE foil bag packaging

  • Size units customised to meet your needs: 200 to 800 pcs
  • Single or double PE foil bag
Standard pe foil bag packaging

Sterilisable packaging

Stericlin® transparent packaging made of paper and foil

Universal packaging system for sterilisation. Three indicators for STEAM, EO and FORM sterilisation are printed outside of the filling area. Strong kraft paper forms an effective barrier against germs, but is also permeable to air, steam and sterilising gases. 70 g/m2 high-grade design.

Sterilisable packaging: Stericlin®
Sterilisable packaging: Stericlin®
Sterilisable packaging: Stericlin® Single bag, welded
Sterilisable packaging: Stericlin® Double bag, welded

Transparent packaging made of Tyvek® and foil

This sterile barrier system is the first choice for gas sterilisation since Tyvek® hardly absorbs toxic gases and the residual levels remain far below the permissible limits. Excellent barrier properties against germs and moisture, extremely high puncture resistance and fibre-free peel without delamination.

Sterilisable packaging: Tyvek®
Sterilisable packaging: Tyvek®


Special packaging for the cosmetic industry.
Optimum protection for surfaces with premium finishes.

Special packaging: separator