The composition of the liquid determines the bulb material. With cosmetics in particular, the design of the finished product is just as important as the metering accuracy. For this reason we also offer the possibility of developing special solutions outside of our standard range of products.

TPE bulbs

TPE bulbs – shapes and colours

Highly flexible in terms of shape and colour options. Material: Thermoplastic elastomer (TPE).


TPE bulbs are available in transparent, pure white and all RAL colours. You can even select neon colours, special colours and bulbs with a colour effect in gold or silver.

Rubber bulbs

Many filling media require the bulb to be made from a type of rubber that perfectly matches their specific properties. We offer our customers and partners a variety of solutions such as natural rubber, bromobutyl, chlorobutyl or nitrile.

Shapes and colours

Standardised with regard to the combination of pipette assembly components and closures. Limited selection of colours depending on the type of rubber. Other colours on request.

Rubber bulbs – shapes and colours

PVC bulbs

PVC bulb transparent

Special bulbs

Laboratory bulbs

Bulbs with special shapes and/or functions for special laboratory applications.