These product systems are used to securely seal bottles and – in combination with a sealing insert – to provide leak protection when bottles are opened and closed multiple times. The thread sizes of all components are standardised.


Threaded capsules are the basic component of a closure system.

  • Material:

    PE or PP

  • Surface structure:

    grooved, smooth or customised

  • Colours:

    pure white, other colours possible

  • Sizes:

    special sizes possible on request

Tamper-evident closures

Equipped with an additional ring that visibly breaks off the first time it is opened and remains below the transfer ring at the neck of the bottle. The user knows that it has never been opened before when it is intact.

One-piece design

Two-piece design


The closure and ring can have different colours.

Child-resistant closure

It only opens by pressing and turning. Meets the safety standard DIN EN ISO 8317.

Seals and inserts

Reliably prevent leakage from the bottle.

  • All norm sizes possible
  • Special sizes on request