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Pipette assemblies

As a partner of the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries for many years, the wishes of our customers are the yardstick of our actions. We combine the fulfilment of requirements with regard to quality, price and availability with a high degree of flexibility by means of short decision-making routes.

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For pharmaceutics

Quality pipette assemblies for pharmaceutical applications are available with a wide range of options in the choice of materials, dimensions, designs and closure systems. Pipettes made from glass or plastic are available from us with or without graduation in all standard DIN sizes, also with special packaging.
Tailored to your medium, we provide pipette assemblies for many different viscosities. All pipette assemblies are assembled automatically under the strictest hygiene conditions in our certified clean-rooms.

For cosmetics

Design is extremely important as far as cosmetics are concerned. Heim-Pharma takes this into account with a high degree of flexibility in the individualisation of the pipette assemblies. Our standard services include gold and silver closure metallisation. However, the range of design options is far from exhausted. We would be pleased to collaborate with you to develop solutions that are tailored to your needs.
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Individual and customised packaging of pipette assemblies

The high quality demands that we make of our products (entirely in the interests of our customers) are also expressed in the type of delivery. We place value on packaging that allows the items to reach customers and users in a safe and hygienic condition. All special packaging is carried out under clean-room conditions after fully automatic assembly.
Pipette assemblies are individually sealed in PE bags, PE tubing or flat film.


Pipette protection by means of protective sleeve


Pipette assembly with complete protection


Pipette assemblies in sliding seal bags in any quantities


Stericlean film packaging (double also possible)

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